USAME was born in Barcelona on December 2010 with the help of Esther Lopez and Marisol Aguilar Gonzalez Nohra. Esther, daughter of a carpenter, grows in the studio of his father and at young age shows evidence that she inherited a creative passion.  When she turned 18, she was determined to respond to this artistic vocation and went to live in Barcelona. She studied applied arts, photography and drama before graduating of interior architecture. Working on several interior design studies she has found in furniture design, a natural form of expression that took her back to the early origins of her vocation.

Marisol, daughter of a Spanish father and a Lebanese mother, was born and spent most of her childhood on a beach in front of the sea. 11 years ago, she went to Barcelona to study design. She settled in Madrid where she was the art director of an advertising agency and after 4 years she returned to Barcelona where she is self-employed in corporate identity projects and packaging.

Always with the need to do something more related to industrial and interior design, she finds in Esther, her great friend, the perfect partner to do this, so they founded USAME.

USAME designs furniture by reusing materials that were developed for other uses, giving them a second life. Their philosophy is to take old resources instead of exploiting new ones. They create pieces of furniture and functional objects of great quality and durability, combining an original design at affordable prices. Products with soul and history.  Original, accessible and eco-responsible furniture design and items.

USAME also develops CUTOM PROJECTS that are used to equip commercial spaces, hotels, restaurants, entertainment places, etc. An example, `Grupo Tragaluz´  from Barcelona just  opened restaurant `Gallito´  in the basement of the Hotel W.


The TV cart is made of old scaffolding structures, pipes and wood. The size of its pieces can be adapted to the needs of each client.

The materials are treated with special care making sure that the traces left by use and the passage of time, are the main attraction without forgetting its functionality, aesthetics and durability.


The bed is made of 2 small containment iron fences joined by a scaffold tube and scaffolding hooks which have been joined by iron crown that hold the box spring.

200 x 90 cm is the measure of children’s bed that can also act as a chaise longue.

Bored of working, demonstrations, etc … we use containment fences to transform them into objects of relaxation.

They are available in yellow, their original color, and can be painted in fun colors.