The Clorofilas


The Clorofilas is a creative laboratory which explores the aesthetic potential of plants as raw material for experimentation. Started by Jeanette Ramirez in Barcelona, the laboratory parts of the plant as a basis for rethinking the public and especially private spaces, and ownership and research is its modu operandi.

In this search for the possibilities that are born from the plant and nature as creative material, The Chlorophilasl has penetrated into various fields of production: from educational projects through interior design and expositions.

The laboratory experiments with new forms of coexistence between plants and domestic space, appropriating the everyday objects that surround us daily. Thus, this exercise of ownership is finally a way to re negotiate the boundary between nature and urban space.

This way, its interventions lead us to new ways of seeing the green in a cultured space in which it generates new perspectives, not only with respect to the dichotomy between the green and the city, but also about a friendly lifestyle towards ourselves and towards nature.


Jeanette Ramirez was born in Venezuela on 1975. She is a plastic artist with a graduate degree in Eco-design and gardening and botany studies in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Founder of  The Chlorofilas, plans creative laboratory. Co-founder along with Joistik of Plantot, project for the analysis and awareness of urban vegetation. Barcelona, Spain. Co-founder of Rosas&Patatas, company of cultivation and technical advice of eating plans growing on balconies and terraces. Barcelona, Spain

Currently she is working on various projects, workshops and exhibitions in collaboration with different artists and Latin America and Europe institutions; Elisava School of Design Barcelona, ​​girona flors Temps festival, Can Felipa Civic Centre, Aer studio, Beorganic shop, Pecha Kucha Festival Bio Eco Forum, Manchester Science Festival, Galeria N2, n1 Office, Life And Architecture.

In her work she proposes a new way to see the garden and vegetation attempt to integrate different areas while maintaining a constant research and development techniques.

She currently lives in Manchester.