Nellore Temple Complex. Andhra Pradesh, India


Nellore Temple Complex buildings incorporate in detail the ancient science of Vastu associated with the temples in Southern India. At the same time it blends the past and the future with a design that makes the temple buildings extremely contemporary yet rooted in the local traditions, religion and rituals.
The landmark approach to the design brings to the mind of the visitors the importance of the temple and its relevance of spirituality for mankind. The colors and shadows provided by the columns and the canopies ensure a change in perception depending on the location of the visitor as well as the sunlight. These elements also ensure ventilation and sun protection in the hot climate of Andhra Pradesh.
The use of local materials and labor for the traditional sculptures and construction of the building connects with the deep energy core of this special site to leave behind a legacy for posterity.


Senior Design Team: Alfredo Munoz, Joanna Siejak , Emiliano D’Incecco, Juan Jose Ortega

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