Sento™ Tower N.02

Sento™ Tower N.02 

This tower contains 200 apartments of two, three and four bedrooms, a three-storeyed podium for parking and commerce that creates a monumental pedestrian entrance to the development. The total built up area is 300,000 sqft and is located in Phoenix on a plot with magnificent views of the nearby mountains.

Sento™ Tower N.02  is meant to be experienced as a single and cohesive building that has the appearance of a multi-segmented tower. By using a common core structure to join each of the building portions and open-air areas among them, the building allows to generate a different internal layout in each building portion, allowing a hybrid program. This permits the creation of different typologies in the same complex: duplex in the lowest building portions, iconic apartments in the middle building segments and lofts in the upper volumes. Among these building portions, Sento™ Tower N.02  has several intimate and sky lobbies and lounges that take advantage of the panoramic views.

Each of the multiple building portions, connected to the core structure, allow for an asymmetric and discontinuous tower design that takes advantage of the entire 360 degrees around the building. This discontinuity spans from the internal layout to the materiality of the facades.

The solution proposed for Sento™ Tower N.02  has been granted a utility patent.

Design Team: Alfredo Munoz, Emiliano D’Incecco, Jesus Reyes, Jose Francisco Ramon, Juan Jose Ortega, Ivan Sanchez

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