Sento™ Tower N.01

Sento™ Tower N.01

Sento™ Tower is a residential building of about 12,000 sq. m. containing 41 apartments of three and four bedrooms, and located on a plot of 2302 sq. m. The luxury market targeted by this project and the small size of its plot led to a design that moved beyond the common conceptualization of a tower and brought about a breakthrough in this typology. The goal of Sento™ Tower, based on a patented solution, is to embrace diversity, bringing together spaces that evoke varying emotions and sensations. This project embodies a “glocal” mindset and focuses on higher value creation.

The project is a cohesive whole comprised of stylistically distinct parts, which leverage the different views and provides spaces suited to different styles of living. This flexibility is achieved through the use of different typologies: duplexes in the lowest levels, iconic apartments in the middle floors, and lofts in the upper volumes. Each typology is separated by intimate and sophisticated sky lobbies and lounges that serve as common areas appropriate for a luxury market. These open floors also create a visual division between each volume of apartments and contribute to the smart and slim image of the tower. This visual discontinuity extends from the materiality of the building’s façades to its complex and varied interiors, including a commercial space and amenities in the podium and crown of the building. These spaces boast such amenities as a home theater, pool area, and gym, as well as shops and restaurants.

Senior Design Team: Alfredo Munoz, Jose Francisco Ramón, Mariluz Jimeno, Cristina Domecq

Structures: ABIBOO Studio & Mecanismo

MEP: ABIBOO Studio & Plenum Ingenieros

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