Religare Complex. Delhi, India


The Religare Complex-Gurgaon, located in New Delhi, India, is designed by leveraging the location, while working around the complexities of the building code and geometry of the plots.
The building is placed adjacent to a large sloped plaza that separates the building from an electrical tower near the road. It creates a space for outside recreation and retail, brings monumentality to the buildings, and provides an effective solution for the irregular geometry of the plot. These public spaces connect the front of the plot with the boulevard at its back, allowing for open-covered retailing areas with cafes and other temporal entertainment.

The structure of the Big-Box is visible on the outside and allows large structural spans inside, minimizing the internal columns to create greater flexibility. This solution also provides a cost effective “second skin” to the building, creating a very monumental and continuous experience along the boulevard and allowing hiding the actual lateral facade of the Big-Box store.

The hotel and the offices are located on a private park that holds both buildings together, creating a perception of unity, but keeping their operations and circulations fully separate. These buildings are designed as low-rise structures to minimize the impact of the setback on the Big-Box store.

Senior Design Team: Alfredo Munoz, Emiliano D’Incecco, Jesús Reyes, Iván Sánchez

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