Sheltrex Regional Headquarters. Chennai, India


Sheltrex Regional Headquarters is located in Chennai, India.

The aim was to restore their old office and give it a modern and functional new spaces. Client’s needs were multiple spaces that inter-relate to each other and depending on the use, could easily be divided.

Theme choice came from the philosophy of the company’s client. We wanted to represent it with 4 colors: Red, which means Leadership; Black, which represents Comfort; White which carries a New way of creation; Wood, which represents Quality. Depending on the room’s privacy and their needs, we used some materials or others.

Public areas as workers area are open, visible and in white. Privacy areas as directive spaces are divided with red walls in glass. Finally, furniture and materials are in black and in wood.

Design Team:  Alfredo Muñoz, Manuel Pantoja, Mariluz Jimeno, César Plata.

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