New Building for Carlos III High School. Toledo, Spain


Carlos III High School is located in the city of Toledo in the central region of Spain. The project consists of a low-cost building as an extension of a preexisting school. The program has four classrooms, teachers’ rooms, and a conference hall.

Using the existing high terrain slope at the plot to divide the program, the classrooms and teachers’ rooms are on the top floor of the building, at the same level as the rest of the classrooms of the preexisting high school. The multipurpose hall located downstairs is provided with independent access from the garden. It is proposed that the building’s façade be made up of a continuous, yellow, low-cost material in order to create a contrast with the red bricks of the surroundings.

Senior Design Team: Alfredo Munoz, Joaquin Millan, Blanca Rosa Gutierrez, Natalia Gutierrez, Jose David Palacios, Sandra Sainz, Juan Jose Ortega, Oscar Hernando, Ivan Sanchez

Construction Safety Manager: GRG Arquitectos

Structure and MEP: Intecsa- Inarsa

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