Lynwood House.Chennai, India


The Lynwood House, situated on a plot of 4000 sq. ft. in a residential neighborhood of Chennai, features about 6000 sq. ft. (550 m2) arranged over four floors. The plan meets the clients’ requirements of connecting the house with their office building in an adjacent plot. The house has a large front yard, a patio and a garden on the terrace.

The housing program adheres completely to Vastu. The house is organized so that the main common areas, kitchen and the guest rooms are located on the first floor. The other bedrooms are located on the second floor and the third is reserved for a party room and a large terrace linked to a salon (‘lounge’). This space is important in Indian culture and widely used in Chennai.

The exterior design raises a white stucco facade with large windows and modern louvers which provide a homey feel through the combination of tradition and modernity. Volumetrically the house is characterized by many overhangs that are more evident on the first floor. This strategy breaks the massive appearance of the building, caused by a very dense construction on a plot smaller than what such a program requires.

Design Team: Alfredo Munoz, Emiliano D’Incecco,  Jesus Reyes, Ivan Sanchez, Cristina Jimenez, Maria de la Fuente

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