La Paz Mall. La Paz, Bolivia.


The project, located in the outskirts of La Paz, consist on a master plan for a mixed use building in Bolivia that brings together office and educational areas with housing and commercial spaces.

The plot, which has a surface of 9,640 sq. m., has a steep topography and a very restricted geometry, given its mere 20-meter width in some areas. The building acts as a link that enhances and preserves the surroundings between the Chuqueyapu River and the four-lane road that runs along the valley. A big opening, which works as a pedestrian avenue, is created to permit visual connections between the ground level and the exterior, while maximizing daylight and natural ventilation. More than 13,500 sq. m. of retailers and restaurants are located in this space, which is meant to be a meeting point of the new area, creating a renovated and pleasant experience in contrast to the concept of a traditional mall.

The university, offices, and apartments are located in the upper levels, while the roof is occupied by a park that improves the landscape, extends the greenery to the nearby bridge, and provides a new civic area for the neighborhood.

Senior Design Team: Alfredo Munoz, Manuel Pantoja, Marta del Valle, Javier Castano, Mariluz Jimeno.

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