KWC Villas. Kolkata, India


Within the master plan of Kolkata West Township developed by Abiboo (a plot of 370 acres, located in a privileged area in the heart of the metropolitan area of Kolkata) is implanted Phase 2-A, an exclusive gated residential development consisting of common amenities and 90 luxury villas with private plots of different sizes ranging between 1000 and 3160 square feet (90 to 300 m2).

The development is designed for the upper middle class but has a very high density due to local market conditions. Three types of villas were created for the entire complex, some of which were modified by end customers. This strategy allowed a large integration with open areas, flexibility for the market and a very diverse urban experience while maintaining a simple, cost effective approach to the design itself. Also the individual houses are designed so that they can function for a single family or three separate families, offering even more flexibility to the local market, where it is common for several related families to live together.

The development also includes amenities including an iconic building that frames the entrance to the complex and also acts as a reference point in the urban experience of the entire Kolkata West Township. The plotting organization of the 90 villas is very flexible as each plot can exchange its positions thanks to the sectored plan designed. The overall design allows that a buyer can purchase a given plot with a house according to their specific needs by choosing from a wide range of customization while having only three typologies designed.

Senior Design Team: Alfredo Munoz, Emiliano D´Incecco, Jesus Reyes, Ivan Sanchez

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