Jesús M. Chamizo

ABIBOO Studio is pleased to present the work of Jesús Martín Chamizo, photographer linked to visual arts from an early age. He studied photography in several schools between 1977 and 1980, year in which his first exhibition came up.

Since then, he develops his research and work in various photographic fields (architecture, interior design, landscape, car, etc …) combining them all, concept, technique and creativity.

His concern is to reflect the footprint that humans leave in their environment, and how the environment affects human being on this perception of the seemingly present, but at the same time moving to a moment that may be part of the immediate past or the nearest future. The spaces that men built, inhabit, where men are integrated, and how the spaces influence between each other are the three basic pillars on which his picture is focused.

We present some examples of his work which is focused on those 3 pillars:

Architecture_Antonio Palacios

In Architecture, always present in human history and eventually it becomes his trademark.

Landscape_Tablas de Daimiel

In Landscape, space is required and influential in the mankind history, but that mankind cares and mistreats equally.

Inner Reflection _ Puerto de Tánger

In the Inner Reflection, is the result of both spaces (Architecture and Landscape), trying to seek and find a balance that seems to be necessary to achieve their durability.

National and international Awards

Sol, Cannes, Lux, Fiap, Epica, N. York Festival…

The most recent:

-Lux Bronce 2010 cat. Paisaje

-Lux Oro 2012 cat. Industrial

-1st Position “La Rioja y el Vino” 2014.

Some of his national and international clients

Seat, Loewe, BMW, Chivas, Mercedes, Peugeot, Telefónica, Chrysler, Honda, Rover, Iberia, Opel, C. Inglés, Mitsubishi, Repsol, Ford, Coca-Cola, Renault, Sony, CAMPSA, Volswagen, etc…


– “Santiago, la esencia del camino”, in Madrid, Ubeda and Santiago de Compostela.

– “BuilDreams” in 2010 / “Espacio Villanueva” and after in 2012 / E8 Galería.

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