Javier Palacios

ABIBOO Architecture is pleased to introduce the work of painter Javier Palacios. His work revolves around the head, the face, and the non-portrait. For Javier is not enough the beauty f the good work, he tries to make painting not just a set of brush strokes or simple feelings provoked by the trace of his pencil, he looks for reflection and communication of emotions trough the face.

Respiraciones (Breaths) shows the time in the face from breathing as a complex phenomenon that is articulated and disarticulated, built and destroyed between the two-dimension image and the animation process The exhibit shows those gestures that we can’t perceive because their daily appearance makes them invisible, and that are notes repeated many times per minute with same rhythm.  This phenomenon asks for interpretations, since those gestures may look so close to pornography when showing open mouths and closed eyes. Inspirations as invitations to enter the empty black hole, to enter in the other pleasure, death, mystery, depending on the rhythm, breaking the rhythm or admiring it absent in its sustained beauty, forgotten face of itself and of he who admires it.


Javier Palacios (Jerez de la Frontera). MA in Fine Arts by the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Painter and illustrator.