Fractal Complex. Chennai, India


The Fractal residential building is designed for a high-end luxury market. The building is located on a plot of 20,500 sqft. (1920 m2) in one of the most exclusive areas of the city that is quickly becoming its cosmopolitan center. The building has six apartments of 500 m2 (5530 sqft.), one on each floor, with ground floor access and parking. The housetop is truly an oasis in the middle of the city as it includes a swimming pool, sauna and spaces for relaxation.

The apartments are designed to ensure maximum comfort and perception of space by provision of cross ventilation in each room, terrace gardens in all bedrooms and living spaces. The layout of the apartments adheres 100% to Vastu, the traditional construction criteria of southern India. The structure of the building is characterized by its dynamism, since the houses overlap each other to create more surface areas on terraces while providing more shaded areas. The most striking element of the project is the building’s façade, which is built with prefabricated panels of white reinforced concrete drilled with perforations and windows of different sizes, ensuring an appropriate balance between light and direct sun exposure.

The project required an iconic image due to its location and the type of market targeted. The solution, which brings innovation and new ideas into the residential local market, represents a reinterpretation of architecture in a traditional city like Chennai.

Senior Design Team: Alfredo Munoz, Emiliano D´Incecco, Juan Jose Ortega, Ivan Sanchez

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