>ABIBOO's Philosophy

ABIBOO Studio is an award-winning design firm with presence in Spain, the US, and India. Our philosophy promotes innovation in architecture, urbanism, interior spaces, and consumer products.

ABIBOO Studio’s international and multidisciplinary team boasts more than 20 years of global experience in small- and large-scale architectural and industrial design projects in the following sectors: residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, cultural, educational, integrated townships, and consumer goods.

ABIBOO-Spain focuses on architectural and urban innovation, and has designed projects worldwide at all scales, from entire townships to luxury villas, with cumulative budgets of over $500 million. ABIBOO-USA focuses on industrial design and project management, and has been granted a diversity of patents. ABIBOO-India supports the rest of ABIBOO’s operations, including its projects on the Indian subcontinent, with a total architectural area of 15 million sq. ft.

Design Approach

ABIBOO Studio focuses on customized, contemporary solutions, lending special attention to innovation based on the development of integral processes at the intersection of arts, engineering, economics, sensorial experiences, and technology.

>Design Verticals
Residential Type 1: Residential Complexes / Residential Towers / High-Luxurious Villas

Residential Type 2: Affordable Housing

Commercial – Industrial:  IT/ Consulting / Corporate Offices

Township / Masterplanning / Landscape Design Hospitality: 5 Star/ 4 Star / Boutiques / Resorts

Retail: Financial / Commercial Buildings / Commercial Complex/ Marketing Strategy

Culture: Museums / Preservation / Sports / Libraries / Mixed Use Developments

Infrastructure: Hospitals / Airports / Ports / Educational Campus

Interior Design: Residential/ Lofts/ Commercial / Hospitality / Research and Design

Industrial Design
ABIBOO Studio provides the following services:

– Architectural design

– Artistic Events

– Consulting

– Real Estate Development and Investing

– Urban and Landscape Design

– Interior and Furniture Design

– Retail Marketing Strategy

– Industrial Design

Design scope available from ABIBOO Studio:

– Concept Designs

– Schematic Designs

– Basic and Execution Projects

– Construction Documents

– Construction Administration

Calendars and delivery systems available from ABIBOO Studio:

– Lineal schedule delivery

– FastTrack schedule delivery

– Turnkey Projects

>ABIBOO's meaning

Combining Latin and Japanese terms, ABIBOO is a neologism meaning “the origin of creativity.” AB- derives from the Latin term ab initio, which means “from the beginning,” and -IBOO derives from the Japanese 伊部, which means “one who is creative.”

Like its name, ABIBOO Studio sprouts from both Latin and Japanese roots. The firm was founded in 2010 by Alfredo Munoz, who was born into the Latin culture of Spain and developed his approach to design while living and working in Japan. Prior to founding ABIBOO, Alfredo Munoz lived in Europe, the Middle East, India, Japan, and the US, working for some of the most acclaimed architects and architectural firms of the last half of the 20th century, including Toyo Ito, Skidmore-Owings-Merrill (SOM), Ábalos & Herreros, and Alberto Campo Baeza. He has also served as visiting professor at European University and as guest lecturer at Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, Pescara University, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and Tongji University in Shanghai, among others.

>Social Commitment

At ABIBOO Studio, we believe in creating better habitats through the restorative power of design and generosity. Approximately 10% of our human and financial resources are dedicated to social commitment projects around the world.

Design has an enormous capacity to improve the quality of people’s lives. The designs that shape our built environments deeply affect our minds, bodies, and souls, providing the material frameworks for almost all of our daily activities and interactions. Through socially attentive, sustainable, and innovative design, then, we can make significant contributions to societal wellbeing.

At ABIBOO, we support fundamental human rights, strive for sustainability, and education.

Areas of particular interest at ABIBOO Studio as part of our social commitment are:

1. Logistical, financial, personnel, and know-how support for safe infrastructure development in case of emergency situations.

2. Logistical, financial, personnel, and know-how support for the sustainable development of emerging countries.

3. Logistical, personnel, and know-how support for promoting the educational and spatial development of children up to the age of 15.

4. Logistical, personnel, and know-how support for fostering the global exchange of knowledge and for promoting the best practices in artistic, cultural, and anthropological education in a globalized world.

ABIBOO Studio’s team, in collaboration with other groups, has participated in the following projects as part of our social commitment:

ABIBOO Studio’s team, in collaboration with other groups, has done the following activities and works as part of its social commitment:

  • Rehabilitation of Harlem School, located in New York.
  • Financial support for the platform “American Red Cross for Haiti Earthquake” through redcross.org.
  • Rehabilitation of the library and classrooms of Colegio Manuel Giménez Fernández located in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Seville, Spain.
  • Financial support for the platform “Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief” through globalgiving.org.
  • Support for educational and infrastructural development in the municipal landfill of Encarnación, Paraguay through crecerconfuturo.org.
  • Design and construction of the Pilgrim Center and Educational Center of the Venkaiah Swamy Ashram Temple, Golagamudi, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • Design and construction of the Adolescent Mothers Educational Center, Inquitos, Peru.
  • Financial support for RDT-Vicente Ferrer foundation, through vicenteferrer.org 

If you would like our help with a project, please send us an email with the subject “Social Commitment.” Attach a PDF explaining the project, a biographical overview of the people involved, timetables, and the human and/or financial resources you would like us to contribute. You can send this information to philanthropy@abiboo.com.

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