ELA Residential Complex. Chennai, India


The ELA Residential Complex is located in the city of Chennai in southeast India. The project comprises 1000 apartments and studios, the latter intended for students of a nearby university. The project has a series of facilities that serve the residences, as well as vast green areas, which will be connected to an urban park also planned by ABIBOO Studio in the same plot, as per Indian legal requirements. The site is located next to the main national highway connecting the two largest cities in Southern India (Chennai and Bangalore).

The project combines a number of independent blocks, articulated in two areas defined by the presence of an existing power line tower on the site, which serves as the structuring element of a large linear eco-park with innovative solutions for alternative energy resources. Spaces for social interaction are designed alongside the numerous green spaces provided in order to create a healthy living environment.

Senior Design Team: Alfredo Munoz, Jesus Reyes, Cristina Jimenez, Juan Manuel Gomez, Emiliano D’Incecco, Zainab Ibrahim, Juanjo Ortega, Maria del Pilar Portela, Maria Bandres, Arshad Khan, Sidhart Ninan

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