ECR Shetty Tower. Chennai, India


Shetty Tower is a luxury apartment building located in a site with unspoiled nature and very close to the sea in the south of the city of Chennai, along the main highway that links the city with southern India. The best features of this project are its location and the natural elements surrounding the building, especially as every apartment affords a view of the sea.

Since this apartment complex has a very elongated shape, the facade is composed of multiple large terraces that allow wide views of the sea that surrounds the tower and at the same time leverages the opportunities provided, as non-countable built up surface, by the building code.

The entire floor of the building consists of four apartments of 500 m2. The tower is embraced by a plaza located in the front of the site, which is constructed according to the current Indian coastal regulation.

Design Team: Alfredo Munoz, Emiliano D’Incecco,  Maria del Pilar Portela, Gonzalo Sanchez, Ivan Sanchez

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