David Catá

ABIBOO Architecture is pleased to present the work of David Catá, a multidisciplinary artist, dedicated to the creation and artistic research. He graduated in Fine Arts Faculty of Pontevedra and was awarded the first prize of promotion of the photographic master EFTI Concept and Creation.

The work of David Catá establishes a play between personal memory and the creative act. A temporary act that is recorded through photography, video, painting and even sculpture.

Here we present three of his works.

Raíces Aladas (Winged Roots)

The evocative power of personal objects and photographs from his family album will serve as inspiration. Through them reflects on time, memory and how to delay the process of forgetting, using ephemeral items as ice, yarn or dandelions with which to create metaphors for life.

Secuelas (Aftermath)

Sometimes it’s your own body which becomes an artistic support of their environment and experiences. Sewn and made her skin cracks intended as a metaphor for the indissoluble symbiosis between the passage of time and neglect. His work aims to preserve the last time through the body, photographic, videographic footprint … It’s a job that goes beyond an aesthetic search. His performative videos are a cathartic exercise in them stands up to oblivion and sadness that let the lack of a loved one, “making meat” suffering physically seen him once and for all. The ephemeral nature of life, physical and intangible footprint, pain, roots .. are closely linked to their work.

A flor de piel (Under the Skin)

“Everyone we know make us somehow. Their image is projected onto us, reminding us where we come from. Their lives become part of ours. Every stitch on my skin  represent them, the physical pain is not border, it  joins us more, thinking that my hand was marked in an act of affection; thinking that once my hand touched his hand ”

David Catá 


-Artistic Work _First award of “Certame de Artes Plásticas da Deputación de Ourense” (2010)

-Secondary award of “Festival de videoarte Bang”, Barcelona (2013)

-“Certamen de Artes Plásticas Isaac Díaz Pardo”

Selected national and international competitions

“Novos Valores” de Pontevedra, “Xuventude Crea 2010”, “Gritos de Libertad”, “V Certame de Pintura Arte Nova Galega”, “Cuarto Festival Internacional de Videoperformance Ciudad de México, EJECT”, INCUBARTE 2012, “Arte no Morrazo” (2012), Concurso fotográfico Alliance Francaise de Madrid “CONVERGENCIAS”, “Certamen de Artes Plásticas de la CEC”, Festival ((.mOv)) Videoarte en Movimiento de Perú (2012), XV Certamen de AAPP Sala El Brocense, 5to Festival Internacional de Vídeo Arte de Camagüey (Cuba), XI Bienal Internacional “Pintor Laxeiro”, “Region 0” Festival de Videoarte de Nueva York.

Collective expositions Camboya, México, Perú, Chile, Brasil, Alemania, Estados Unidos, Portugal, España…

Individual exhibitions

-Área de Cultura de la UDC (Ferrol)

-Galería Cero (Madrid)

-Galería METRO (Santiago de Compostela)

-Sala Kursala Universidad de Cádiz (Cádiz)

-Kleiner Salon (Berlín)

-ESTUDIO 22 (Logroño)

-Colectivo Imagen (Fuengirola)

-Galería Contraluz (Pamplona)

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