Danni Foncesa

ABIBOO Architecture teams finds in Dani Fonseca´s work a fascinating artistic work which explores values that can be applied to any other artistic field: the dynamic and fluid creation on a skin as the frontier between a Location and the Object itself. Fonseca takes the human naked body, and all its social and physical values, and uses it as the canvas and the landscape for a very talented artistic exploration. Like in Architecture, in Danielle´s work the relationship between the Object and its Surroundings is altered after the work is completed so it brings inspiring questions about how to create beauty in frontiers and in situations where the limits are very clearly established.

Danielle A. Fonseca is the founder, Chief Art Director, Designer and Project Manager of The Body of Art, a make-up and body art production company based out of New York City. A native to the 5 boroughs, Fonseca brings over 15 years of extensive knowledge and experience from both the fine art and fashion industries to her business. Her vision and work have fused the two worlds successfully and she has opened the door to a realm of intriguing possibilities for her clients to promote themselves, ideas and products. Dani’s creative knowledge stems from her fine art background in painting and drawing. She received her BFA and BS in Art Education in 2001.  She also worked in theater, painting sets and designing makeup.   Fonseca worked as a beauty makeup artist with the Manhattan region since 2001. Dani has worked on productions including Cirque du Soliel, The Pussy Cat Dolls (with Carman Electra & Jaime Pressley) as well as several fashion shows including House of Fields, Abigail Lorick, Devi Kroell, Joanna Mastroianni, Phillipe and David Blonde and more. She also participated in charity events including Broadway Bares and Viva Glam Casino (hosted by Maggie Rizer, featuring the MAC deck of Cards). Taking The Body of Art to its full capacity, she has worked on many major productions including Marc Jacobs, Adriana Lima, The Latin Grammies, and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  She has had editorials published about her work in The New York Times, The Miami Herald, The Washington Post, USA Today, The New York Post, as well as The SOHO Journal, and has been a featured artist in On Make-up Magazine..