Baruipur. Kolkata, India


The Baruipur masterplan, in the south of Kolkata, is a micro city with over 5 million sqft (500.000 m2) of built up area on a 98 acre site. The analysis and reinterpretation of new urban development opportunities in India brought into reality this ambitious and innovative masterplan that meets in detail the local market requirements. India is carving out large areas for creation of such micro-cities but with a disconnection among them from the infrastructural point of view. The yawning gap between bureaucratic regulation /red tape and financial pressure from the private sector is setting up a new way of urbanism with many unregulated places or “no-places”. The analysis of this reality and its reinterpretation offers huge opportunities for a new model of creating urban spaces and cities.

The program for this large development provided by the client required a reinterpretation of the new emerging markets context, especially in India where cash flow and flexibility at the early stages of the project is a critical factor. For the architectural strategy the masterplan was divided in two phases. The first phase is a gated high-end residential community to be developed in a manner that allows a quick return of the capital investment. The second phase contemplates a larger development i.e. an independent, self-sufficient city with green areas and open spaces.

Senior Design Team: Alfredo Munoz, Jesus Reyes, Ivan Sanchez, Jose Francisco Ramon

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