Aer Studio

We are happy to share with you Aer Studio’s work in ABIBOO’s Think Tank!

Aer Studio is an interaction design studio in Barcelona. Aer is a small specialized team striving to achieve seamless, second natured interaction with the computer. It’s what they define as Human-Computer Symmetry. They do this by challenging established thinking patterns and paying close attention to the dramatic ebb and flow of technology and what defines Human Computer Interaction. Their most enjoyable and successful projects are ones made in close collaboration with founders of the idea.

Examples of their work can be found online, on mobiles and multitouch devices, installations, visual performances, with more to come…if you want to see more, you can take a peek at their selected works on the Aer Studio website, www.aerstudio.com.

bRUNA is a Catalan musician on the record label spa.RK. Together with Todojunto, Aer developed a VJ/visual set for bRUNA’s 2010 Sónar performance that consisted of two pieces; a light table controlled by an Arduino and a software developed with openFrameworks and a projection of videos and a live camera feed mixed with a midi controller using the Cinder framework. To do this we built the electronics for the light table and developed the OSC implementation for the Cinder framework.

In September 2010, bRUNA was invited to perform at Sónar’s Chicago. The performance was held in the majestic Chicago Cultural Center with it’s over 100 year old Tiffany Co. massive stained glass domes. As in Sónar Barcelona, Aer provided the visual accompaniment for bRUNA’s bright electronic music. Unfortunately, do to budget limitations they were unable to take the light table from the Barcelona performance. To make up for this they gave all the protagonism to the visuals by covering the entire performing area with the projection. bRUNA and Hector were swimming ceiling to floor in lights, patterns and glitches.

Aer is currently waiting for bRUNA to release his second album to begin working on new visuals and lighting patterns.

Enllaç is an app to help you find the best route to your destination using Barcelona’s public transportation. The user can choose any form of available transportation; whether it be metro, bus, train, tram, public bicycles, taxi or even going by foot. It mashes up services from Tranports Metropolitans de Barcelona like Vull Anar and iBus along with Google Maps and Bicing. This way the user can discover new routes or know if you are going to arrive in time to catch the next bus.

The interface is designed to be efficient and easy to use on your daily commute. Its designed for frequent users of Barcelona’s public transportation, but works just as well for anyone making a short visit. The only thing the user needs to know is where you want go. Enllaç does everything else.

You can currently find Enllaç in the AppStore. The source code for the project will be released in the coming days. This is an Aer project, developed and designed internally.