ABIBOO´s Booth. Mumbai, India


ABIBOO´s booth was designed and built for the international convention, Economic Times Acetech 2012 in Mumbai, India.

Unlike other conventional stands, the team designed a space that would communicate the values of the architectural firm it represents namely  Simplicity, Harmony, Technology and Design. The stand measuring 3m x 5m had a prime location, right at the heart of the pavilion where the organizers and jury members held the most important events on the convention’s agenda, events to which ABIBOO was an invited guest and jury member.

The booth’s design used slender frames and hanging lamps as a substitute for architectural elements. Tables along three of the booth’s sides exhibited designs of ABIBOO projects across the globe and ensured easy flow of the huge crowd of spectators and buyers.

Design Team: Alfredo Munoz, Emiliano D´Incecco.

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