ABIBOO Studio Design Processes


ABIBOO Studio designs are based on a deep analysis of the underlying needs and requirements of a project, utilizing a pragmatic vantage point and a psychological and sensory approach. ABIBOO´s design methodology seeks to interpret those needs by studying the current society so that we can pair this knowledge with innovation ability and create buildings that truly represent our time. This methodology is a breakthrough in the way in which architecture has been experienced up until now.

The Information age implies constant change. There are no more absolute truths; now we are faced with multiple contradictory layers of realities that simultaneously coexist in the same time and space. The society of Industrialization has radically changed towards a society of Information. It has been a transformation from lineal structures such as a spine, to other more complex forms similar to multidimensional isotropic organisms such as sponges, where there is a plethora of variations and possible relationships amongst them.

Therefore, ABIBOO creative design process results from a synthesis-inductive thought methodology, more than an analytical-deductive one. By means of this fundamental change in the design process, ABIBOO is better capable of representing the current globalized society. Innovating in the design methodology allows achieving a final result that is both honest and avant-gardist.


Today’s society is Global, and so are ABIBOO operations and services. In a world where technology facilitates virtual management, ABIBOO seeks value added from the diversity of regions and cultures the world offers. This in turn allows ABIBOO to offer clients the best possible service coupled with innovative results at a very competitive price.

ABIBOO Studio main design offices are in both the US and Spain, with satellite associate production centers in Uruguay, India and China. ABIBOO encompasses the creativity and the Latin passion, the technical rigor of the Anglosaxon and the production capabilities of countries with high financial and professional growth.

ABIBOO Studio’s management team coordinates all systems daily, mostly remotely, allowing us to offer our clients one-on-one attention regardless of geographical location. Said presence and service capability is reinforced by our strategic and predefined joint-ventures with local architectural teams in Sweden, Japan, India, China and Kuwait.